A Beginners Guide To Automatic Writing

A Beginners Guide To Automatic Writing

A Beginners Guide To Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is a practice that allows you to get out of the way of your conscious mind and channel information from your higher self, subconscious mind or spirit guides. This is a great way for beginners to practice their psychic abilities. When you write in this way you allow ideas and words to flow through you, acting as a scribe or messenger. You can do this using a pen and paper or a computer, whatever you prefer. Some automatic writings may be channeled and some are a result of tapping into the unconscious, both are great for learning how to connect with the forces of the unseen world around us.

Step 1:

Meditation. Sit comfortably at your desk or in a chair, wherever you plan on automatic writing. Close your eyes, release all expectation, breath deeply and observe your body, your thoughts, your energy and emotion. Allow your thoughts and emotions to pass through your body. Continue breathing deeply and observing your inner world. Do this for at least 10-15 minutes before you begin automatic writing.

Step 2:

Be intentional about the information you would like to receive. Would you like to receive general guidance or a message from one of your guides? Do you have a specific question for them or for the universe? Write your intention or question at the top of the page before you begin. Be sure that there is no music playing or distractions around you. This will make it more difficult to let go.

Step 3.

After you write your intention or question down, you will notice thoughts begin to flow into your mind. Do not question the thoughts, witness them and write them down. It’s normal for your analytical mind to want to stay in control, observe the analysis and allow it to pass. Continue writing down the stream of information that’s flowing into your mind. After some time of doing this, your analytical mind will calm down and your higher self will take over.

Step 4.

Do your best not to look at the paper or read over what’s been written so far. Create a container for the divine to step in by allowing it time to express its self through you without judgment. This process is something that requires the release of expectation and judgement. When we enter into neutrality is when the divine can step in through us. Have the intention of letting go of your body.

Step 5.

Stop whenever you feel comfortable, this may be after a sentence or two. This is completely normal for a beginner. The amount of time you’re able to automatic write will extend each time you do it. Remember, this is a form of channeling and the energy in your body will be intensified during this time. Take it easy on yourself and do not rush the process. Your body will acclimate over time to these energies.

Step 6.

Observe what was written. You may have written words, symbols or even a sentence. It’s also normal to not be able to decipher what you wrote. Continue practicing automatic writing and remember, your intuitive and psychic abilities are like a muscle and this muscle must grow gradually for your own comfort and safety.

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