Ways Your Body Releases Stagnant Energy

Ways Your Body Releases Stagnant Energy

As a channel and medium, it's a part of my daily life to connect to the energy field of others through and help them purge and release stagnant energy. These are some of the things I have experienced and others have experienced while purging old stagnant energy. Because the earth is in a transformation state at the current moment, it's normal for us to be purging old energy more than usual. Here is what to expect.

#1 Crying

Crying is the most common and best way to release energy. When energy rises
up in the body to be released you will feel the urge to cry. It's very important that you surrender to this feeling and let it all out. The last thing you want is pent up energy inside of you. This can cause physical discomfort and even illness.

#2 Peeing and Pooping More Than Usual

If you find yourself using the bathroom more than usual, this is also a sign of
energetic release. As your body begins to release energy, it will get things moving in your internal systems.

#3 Yawning

This is sign of your energy adjusting and releasing. Because of the deep breathing that occurs when you yawn, you are helping energy circulate and move around your auric field.

#4 Hot Flashes and Sweating

During stages of energetic release, your body temp may be elevated and trigger excessive sweating. This is especially true during the kundalini phase of awakening and will pass with time.

#5 Tremors

When energy is stirred up and begins to move in the body, one may feel a subtle shakiness or full on involuntary muscle spasms. This feeling will usually pass within 2-3 minutes. Breath deeply and slowly to encourage the release of energy.

#6 Burping

This is a very common sign of releasing energy, especially energy that was stuck in the solar plexus chakra because it's located in the upper abdomen.

#7 Tingling

This is often felt around the upper energy centers, especially the heart and crown chakra. When this is felt, it's important to breath deeply and allowthe feeling to pass through the body.

Releasing energy is a wonderful thing. If you notice these things happening to
you, surrender to it. Often times we release energy when we are in a phase of healing and purging. Energetic release is to be expected now especially because of the rising vibration of the earth and everything on it, including you.

If you're struggling during this transformative time, I am here to help you and connect you with your guides. Click here to book a one on one session with me.

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