Top 10 Signs You're A Psychic Empath

Top 10 Signs You're A Psychic Empath

The term “empath” comes from empathy, which is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. 

Empathy is the main trait of empaths but psychic empaths they take it to the next level. They take on others’ feelings as their own. This can be a struggle for many empaths when surrounded by lots of people. When they are around love and peace, their bodies incorporate it and flourish.

Psychic empaths are also known to be highly sensitive and intuitive people. They feel everything and absorb other people’s emotions like sponges! They know when someone's lying, being dishonest or pretending to be something they're not. 

I spent most of my life thinking there is something wrong with me until my psychic gifts came online and I began feeling emotions so deeply, even on many occasions reading people's minds. Here are a few ways you can know for sure if you're a psychic empath:

1. Extreme Empathy

The most noticeable sign of empaths is that they have unlimited empathy. Empaths can sense and feel emotions as if they’re part of their own experience. They are known to be very caring, good listeners, and supportive of others. You feel the pain of the world as if you're carrying it on your shoulders. 

2. Highly Sensitive

Noises, lights, smells, and energies, empaths feel them all and their senses are always heightened. They feel everything, to the extreme! Empaths are also often told they are too emotionally sensitive since they get their feelings easily hurt.

3. Introverted

Empaths require much more alone time. That’s because their nervous system may go into overload if there is too much going on at once. And for that reason, many empaths tend to stay at home and dislike being in larger groups of people. 

4. Absorbers Other Peoples’ Energy

Emotionally speaking, empaths are affected by disharmony in the world. They feel the heartache of others, are aware of the negative energy in the room, and feel great sadness for horrific tragedies. They absorb negative emotions, such as anger or anxiety, which can be very exhausting. Your energy can become bogged down and make you feel bad for days after so it's important to cleanse your energy everyday. Here's a link with instructions on how to do that. 

5. Good Listener

Psychic empaths carry a skill where they listen with their whole body. They truly make the other person feel heard and comfortable enough to share their deepest thoughts and feelings. They are experts at holding space and often want to be healers or therapists. 

6. Highly Intuitive

Another trait of empaths is that they are highly intuitive. For them, it’s crucial to develop their intuition and follow it. Especially, when it comes to listening to their gut feelings about people.

7. Can Become Overwhelmed In Intimate Relationships

Intimate relationships can be a real struggle for empaths. Since they absorb all energies, it can be quite exhausting. It can cause empaths to feel anxious, overwhelmed, and struggle without personal space.

8. Walking Lie Detectors

Empaths are known to be walking lie detectors. Since their intuition is heightened, they know when people lie. They might not know exactly what a person is hiding, but they get a gut feeling that helps guide them to the truth!

9. Mood swings

Mood swings are quite common among empaths. They can go from high to low in a minute. However, mood swings are often a result of absorbing other people’s emotions, rather than the feelings they carry themselves. As a result, many empaths feel confused by their own feelings and how they developed.

10. Loves to Spend Time In Nature

Everyday life can sometimes become too much for empaths. That’s why they love to escape into nature. Nature grounds and nourish empaths, and is often the place they feel most at home!

Because of my life long struggle with being a highly sensitive psychic empath, I learned so much about how to survive and thrive and I created a mini course to share it all with you. You can download it here. 


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