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"Empath Survival Guide" Video Course

"Empath Survival Guide" Video Course

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If you:

  • Are sensitive to the energies of others
  • You take on the emotions and pain of those around you
  • You feel and sense spirits around you
  • You feel drained after being in large groups of people
  • You feel overwhelmed energetically 
  • Suffer from anxiety or depression
  • Get headaches or stomach aches after being around people

You are in the right place!


For 30 years I was told I was mentally ill and I would never be able to function without anti depressants for my severe anxiety and depression. I spent my life trying to figure out “what was wrong with me” until one day at 32 I went through a profound and life changing spiritual awakening.

My psychic gifts came online and I learned that my anxiety and depression was not a sickness but a symptom of being too open and sensitive and not caring enough for my energetic health. I was then able to cure my life long anxiety and depression because I understood myself spiritually. I learned that there's nothing WRONG with us. We are just highly sensitive and gifted. 

In this 45 minute video course I share everything I have learned in my 35 years as an empath and 5 years as a psychic medium on how to not only survive but also thrive as an empath and deal with the high intensity emotions and energy we feel on a daily basis. 

I cover tips, tricks and tools on how to deal with being an empath and how to use your gifts to not only help yourself but to be of service to others as well. 


  • 45 minute long video
  • instant download
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Courtney Hitchcock

Unfortunately I haven't taken the course yet because there is a malfunction with the link.

Abigail Fielding

Really helpful, felt seen and understood xxx

Taylor Plunk
Love This Lesson, Would Recommend

This was very knowledgeable and helpful for my journey. Very glad I attended this class. Thank you so much!

Forever grateful

I took a chance on this mini course a little while back and I am so glad that I did. I find myself referring back to the tips regularly. It was so informative, and left me feeling inspired and empowered. Forever grateful for this course ❤️

Mallory Stetkevich
Very helpful!!

So many good tips and my favorite part was it made me feel not so alone to know others feel the same and there is a path to healing ❤️ I love the fact Nicole has been thru so much and knows first hand and helps me see there is hope ❤️