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Releasing Trauma and Blocked Energy Stored In The Body Video Guide

Releasing Trauma and Blocked Energy Stored In The Body Video Guide

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Unprocessed trauma gets stored in the body and causes chronic pain and illness. These energetic blockages can cause karmic loops and problems to manifest in your life and at times it’s hard to figure out why “bad” things keep happening to us. 

The universe and our bodies are always trying to communicate but sometimes the communication isn’t clear. This is because we were never given the proper tools to connect to our bodies and the trauma stored in our bodies.

I created this video to teach you valuable tools that will allow you to connect to your body and the stuck energy in your body to transmute and release it.

These exercises can be used for yourself and you can also guide others through these exercises. These are lifelong skills you can use to heal yourself and others. 

 What you get:

  • Video format
  • Guided Chakra scan to locate stuck energy 
  • Two exercises to connect to, release and transmute that stuck energy. 
  • Guided meditation to cleanse your aura and clear our dense energy
  • Watch instantly
  • Lifetime access 
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Customer Reviews

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Schenell Rudisill
Absolutely Beautiful

This meditation has allowed me to process some really heavy emotions and energies and has left me feeling so calm once I am done.Thank you so much for this wonderful meditation.